Basic Ribbed Socks


This Class shows you how to knit simple, toe-up, striped stockinette socks like the one in the photo below.

Stashbuster Spirals

Stashbuster Spirals Socks are an excellent way to use up the leftovers from previous knitting projects. I've written it for three colors, but you can easily add a fourth, fifth, and sixth color for the toe, heel, and cuff. If you have many small quantities of yarn then you can start with three colors and bring in additional ones as your initial selections run out. The spiral stripe pattern can easily be adapted for a different number of stripes, too.

How To Use This Class

This Class is divided into 2 Lessons. The first Lesson is the pattern and the second Lesson is a step-by-step photo tour through the pattern.

If you've never knit a sock before, read this Introduction carefully and proceed to Lesson 1: The Pattern. Making notes as you work through the pattern so that your second sock will match the first.

If you are an experienced socknitter and just want to see if there's anything new or interesting here, feel free to browse through the content in whichever way you choose.


This Class assumes that you have basic knitting skills. You should know how to cast on, knit, purl, increase, decrease, and cast off. You should also know the difference between right and wrong (as it pertains to the sides of your knitted fabric, that is).

It would be very helpful if you were also familiar with circular knitting. If you aren't, consult one or more of these resources before continuing to the pattern.

We're going to build on the skills we learned in the Basic Ribbed Socks Class. If you haven't gone through the Basic Ribbed Socks materials recently (or at all!), please take a look at the following items before continuing:

You should also have basic computer skills and know how to connect to the internet and browse from your computer. If you are viewing this page online, then you are good to go.

Materials / Gauge

You will need standard knitting notions to complete this Class: stitch markers, scissors, tapestry needle, paper and a pen for making notes.

You will need approximately 100g of fingering weight sock yarn. Mix and match from partial skeins in your stash, using yarns that are similar in weight and composition, to create your own unique and original socks!

Select needles of an appropriate size to achieve a firm gauge of about 8 stitches per inch. If you aren't sure what size needles to use, Swatching For Socknitting will help you out. (Typically, 2.0 to 2.5 mm needles are used for fingering weight yarn.)

You can use double-pointed needles (dpns) or circular needles in this Class. The pattern is written without reference to how your stitches are arranged.

If you are just getting started knitting socks and need to buy materials for this Class, purchase a set of 2.25mm 6" or 8" long dpns and one 50g skein of each of three different colors of standard sock yarn like Regia, Opal, or Kroy. You'll have 150g total, which will be enough for the largest size in the pattern and a pair of Stashbuster Spirals Baby Booties!

Are you ready? Good! Let's get started!

Proceed to Lesson 1.